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I am under 18 years of age. What is an ‘appeal’ and what information will I receive about it?

Sometimes the offender asks the court to look at the case or the sentence again. This is called an appeal.

If the offender does appeal, you are entitled to the following information within 1 working day of the Witness Care Unit receiving it from the court, to:

  • be told whether the court will let the appeal go ahead;
  • be told if the offender is going to be released on bail before the appeal or if bail conditions change;
  • be given the dates, times and locations of any further hearing dates and any changes to the dates if the appellant is allowed to appeal;
  • be told the outcome of the appeal or if there are any changes to the sentence originally given by the court;
  • receive information about victims' services that can help you where available.

If the appeal is to the Court of Appeal or it is a UK Supreme Court case you can ask for a copy of the decision from the relevant court (which is called a Judgment) once it has been published.

If there is going to be an appeal hearing, you may be able to make a new or further Victim Personal Statement. This lets you tell the court about the longer term effects that the crime has had on you. Your Witness Care Unit will let you know if it is possible to make such a Victim Personal Statement.

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