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I am under 18 years of age. What am I entitled receive under the Victim Contact Scheme?

Under the Victim Contact Scheme (VCS ) you are entitled to:

  • ask for conditions to be put on the offender if they are released. For example, these could include conditions that the offender is not allowed to make contact with you in any way;
  • be told when the offender is released from prison or hospital and any conditions put on them which relate to you;
  • be told about any other important information which the probation trust think you should be told;
  • be told you can choose at any time not to take part in the VCS .

If the offender in your case is under 18, the Youth Offending Team dealing with the offender will pass your information to the probation trust so they can get in contact with you about the VCS .

Your parent or guardian will normally be told about information on the VCS rather than it being given directly to you. If you and your parent or guardian would prefer, the information can be given to you and your parent or guardian at the same time. Once you are 18, the information will be given to you directly.

If you are under 18, your parent or guardian should be told about the following where relevant:

  • if you are entitled to a Victim Summary Report because the crime was a certain type of Serious Further Offence and was not the offender's first serious crime. The police or Witness Care Unit will tell you if this is relevant for you. If it is relevant for you, the probation trust can provide you with more information about this;
  • if the offender asks to be removed from what is known as the 'sex offenders' register' . If this is the case the police can give you more information about this.

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Help us improve our answers - did you find what you were looking for?

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