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What are the key principles underpinning Restorative Approaches?

Restorative approaches are based on the following principles:

  • Voluntary engagement – Involvement is based on informed choice and willingness to participate throughout the process for all participants involved;
  • The primary focus of any restorative approach is to focus on the harm caused and how the harm can be repaired;
  • Accountability – in terms of repairing harm and putting things right;
  • Shared ownership of problem solving and decision making by those involved;
  • Participant led and inclusive – restorative interventions/timescales are adapted to respond to and reflect individual diverse needs;
  • Non-judgemental – interventions are delivered by impartial practitioners in a safe, confidential environment;
  • Future focused – approaches aim to acknowledge the harm caused, enable all those involved to communicate the impact of the harm and then ultimately empower those involved to say what they need to help them move forward from the offence/conflict.

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