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About Us

The Help for Victims website has been created by the PNLD with the support of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner West Yorkshire and in collaboration with Yorkshire and Humber Victim Support.

The Police National Legal Database (PNLD) is a business service of the Police and Crime Commissioner West Yorkshire and has been providing online information products and services since 1994. For further information please go to,

Based on the success of PNLD's Ask the Police website, and with the assistance of Yorkshire and Humber Victim Support, the Help for Victims website is intended to provide a national online resource of helpful information for victims of crime which, includes questions and answers explaining the Victims' Code and Witness Charter. Where the answer can't be found on the website there is the facility to ask a relevant question. The local version of the website also provides translations into several languages that best suit that area's community, links with information to local supporting organisations, together with an ability to self-refer to the local Victims' Service. .com/watch?v=sV5OUHjIP6E